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DRAGÃO ABRASIVOS, LDA., is the current name (since 1984) of the private limited company founded in 1934, under the name Vieira Pinto & Companhia, Lda., a company whose corporate purpose is the production, distribution and marketing of the entire range of abrasives in national and international markets.

Founded by three partners with equal shares, DRAGÃO ABRASIVOS, LDA., began its activity in 1934, facing major commercial and, above all, technical difficulties, as it was the first in Portugal to manufacture rigid artificial abrasives. This type of difficulties led the company to establish a posture of improvement early on through establishing relationships with accredited entities in that field.

In 1950, as a result of the Industrial Conditioning law, the company sought a connection with a foreign company, with international technology. Difficult and time-consuming task, which culminated in a contract with the German firm DILUMIT WERK.

In the mid-1950s, through a partnership with the American company MIDWEST ABRASIVE Co., the company updated itself with more advanced technology and methodology that was very useful in the study, investigation and timely discovery of new products, a situation that kept the company in line with the most modern international technology.

In 1966, a department, DRAGOBEL, was created to produce a new range of products, namely diamond abrasives. Having acquired complete mastery of technologies and internal capacity for innovation, the company is permanently dedicated to the Research and Development of new products, seeking to present the best solutions for rigid abrasives for the various grinding operations.

The Quality System of DRAGÃO ABRASIVOS, LDA. was certified in 1999 by APCER in accordance with the requirements of the NP EN ISO 9002:1995 standard, updated in 2017 to the ISO 9001:2015 standard.